Our products

We still research and develop new profile for any kind of applications. Please contact us if you don’t find the right products for your needs in the catalogue or in the applet below.
Our technical office will get in touch with you as soon as possible to define a custom design.

Profile of series I

Assembly heat sink, hight efficiency.

K series profiles

Comb heat sinks.

Welded profiles

Tecnoal has introduced a wide range of large profiles obtained by welding.

High efficiency embed heatsink

Space between fins, profile height to the extrusion rate limits for the best efficiency.

Liquid cooled system

Fully custom made to satisfy customer needs.

Radial series

Circular shaped profiles with radial fin geometry, mainly used for LED applications.

Series A profiles

Profile with high thermal inertia used for high capacity heat injection devices.

Series AM profiles

Profile with high thermal inertia, with the possibility to mount components using clips.

T series profiles

Heatsink with one or more areas to fix TO series components.

C series profiles

Heat sinks, to be used as a container.

Standard products

Heatsink and accessories for mounting components on PCB boards.

Reserved drawing profiles

Tecnoal designs and manufactures profiles on specific customer request and therefore not available for other customers.

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