Tecnoal Design
and Manufacturing of Heat Sinks

Tecnoal was founded in 1985 by people with twenty years of experience in mechanical design for consumer electronics, and power electronics. The company is specialized in the design and manufacturing of heat sinks for the electronics industry, ranging from standard parts to custom project, finalizing the heat-sinks on the needs of the customer.
The sectors of employment are as diverse as transport, telecommunications, energy, automotive, rail, UPS, drivers, lighting etc.

Tecnoal s.r.l is based in the industrial area of Castel Maggiore, near the city of Bologna; production area covers about 7000m² and the company counts about 70 employees.

The production is leaded by 10 cutting machines specific for alluminium and we dispose 25 CNC machines for various kinds of mechanical work, all managed by Cad-Cam systems, guaranteeing great flexibility and  programming speed, with high quality standards for the finished piece.
There are also various aluminum welding systems like TIG, MIG and Friction Stir Welding. The Friction stir welding is conformed to the ISO 3834-2 and ISO 15085-2 certifications,regarding the ultrasonic welding control system to ensure the 100% of the mechanical proprieties of the heatsink.

We use specific CAD software. Tecnoal is able to design realistic three-dimensional rendering of the final product; the R & D sector and the technical office are able to support the customer throughout the production process, from idea to design, from prototyping to finished product.

Tecnoal is able to conduct benchmark test and optimize the product by simulating real operational conditions.
In fact, more than 80% of the company's revenues comes from custom engineered products and this allowed Tecnoal to be a leader in the heatsink industry.

Since 2002 Tecnoal has been certified under the UNI EN ISO 9001:2008. This mean that products are fully compatible with the Rhos directive and other Quality standards.


Tecnoal S.r.l.