• Dissipatori Evo
    EVO series Heatsinks
    1050A Alloy
    Highly customizable
    Maximum efficiency per unit area
  • Water-cooling heatsinks
    Custom design available
    High thermal performance
    Compact size
  • High efficiency
    embed heatsinks
    Very high performances
    Large area for thermal exchange
    Extremely compact size
    Best price/performance ratio
  • Welded heatsinks
    Manufacturing custom design
    Cutting-edge performances
    Great mechanical properties for non-static applications
  • Assembled heatsinks
    High performance heatsinks
    Various models for different applications
    Compact and ready for heavy-loads
  • Mechanical drawings
    Manufactured with custom features
    We respect privacy and NDA accordance
    Custom solutions also for non-heatsinks product
  • Welded Profiles
    Manufacturing custom design
    Cutting-edge performances
    Great mechanical properties for non-static applications
  • Power Gain
    Larger heat-exchange surface
    Optimized performances for horizontal mounting
    Manufactured with custom features

40 years experience at your service

Tecnoal is active since 1985 in heat-sinks manufacturing and mechanical support for electronics.
Tecnoal is certified ISO 9001 since 2002 and the main production area covers 7000m2.
Engineers, high-tech machines and high-qualified employments support your request starting from design to end products.

Extrusion tolerance

All our profiles are extruded in 6060 or 6063 aluminum alloy, in compliance with the UNI EN 755/9 standards.
For specific requirements and custom heat sinks made on drawings, tolerances of up to about 50% of these standards can be achieved.
If there are critical dimensions, which must be respected, these must be agreed in advance with the technical office.

See extract UNI en 755/9

Materials and Designations

All profiles in our catalog, unless otherwise specification, are extruded in aluminum alloy EN AW 6060
Numerical designation 6060 Al Mg Si 0.5
On request is available aluminum alloy EN AW 6063.
Stato fisico T5, both 6060 and 6063
Specific weight 2.7 Kg/dm3

See materials characteristics alloy EW AW6060
See materials characteristics alloy EW AW6063

Manufacturing Tolerance

Tecnoal adopt where not specified the following tolerances:
Cut +0 -0.5
References ±0.3
Wheelbases ±0.2 (not cumulative)
Depth of thread: 2 times the diameter plus 1mm
Flattening of the component area ±0.03mm/100mm
Average roughness in the component area
(smoothing) Ra 1.6
Other workings where not specified: average degree of precision according to UNI 22768-1-m

See table according to UNI 22768-1-m

Acceptance criteria according to UNI EN 22768-1
Unless otherwise specified, parts that do not conform to the general tolerances prescribed must not be automatically rejected when the functionality of the parts is not compromised.


Tecnoal sarà presente al PCIM 2019 di Norimberga.
Ci potete trovare al padiglione 9, stand 139

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Company Certified UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 (ISO 9001:2008)

DNV Business Assurance Management System Certificate

DNV Business Assurance Management System Certificate

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