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Dear Customer,

I'd like to introduce to You our company.
TECNOAL is a company established in 1985 by a team of specialists, who have been working in the field of mechanical design for electronic high power applications for over twenty years.
Tecnoal is skilled in aluminium  mechanical machining; currently about 1000 tons per year are processed and managed.
The factory is located in  Castel Maggiore near Bologna with a floor area of 4500 sqm.; Our machinery is composed of a dozen fast cutting off, suitable for aluminium, of many presses of various tonnage, of a dozen vertical cnc machining centres, of four traditional milling of various sizes, of various drills and threading machines.
 Since 2002 TECNOAL is UNI EN ISO 9001:2000 certified and, conscious of the needs of customers and market, has planned substantial investments in production equipments
Recently a large area of the factory has been dedicated to the welding adding to the traditional TIG line a new computerized welding line entirely automatic to grant a higher quality control to the manufacturing process, and to reduce  production lead time  and costs.
An important  rationalization effort has been made in the CAM area  with new machines directly interfaced with CAD and standardizing the  CAD/CAM  system to reduce the  manufacturing and prototyping lead times.
Top priority is given by the TECNOAL management   to the extend this policy to all other manufacturing  areas .
 The company employs 45 workers and technicians who follow all manufacturing activities from incoming row materials (extruded aluminium bars)  to shipment of final products to final customers.
All metal workings are made in Tecnoal with traditional or CNC machines  (cutting, welding, drilling, threading, milling, assembling and washing)  while surface finishing like black or coloured anodizing, painting, alodine, galvanizing, silver plating, etc...  are made by external partners carefully selected and thoroughly controlled by TECNOAL Quality Control.
All our items are RoHS compliant.
Waiting for the opportunity  to welcome You to our company  and to present You our staff
Best regards

Managing Director
Paolo Poppi

                  Tecnoal Company                                                                            Raw materials area

                  Items ready for working                                                                  Items ready for working

                    CNC machining area                                                                      CNC machining

                   CNC machining simulation with CAD-CAM system                           CNC machining simulation with CAD-CAM system   

                   CNC machining simulation with CAD-CAM system                           CNC machining simulation with CAD-CAM system   

                   Items ready for working                                                                 Copper heatsinks

                   Packaging area                                                                              Packaging area   

                   Packaging area                                                                              Packaging area  

                   Shipment area                                                                               Shipment area   


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